Friday School Tours

School tours registration deadline is May 1st!

During Friday morning prior to the Battle of Resaca Reenactment, free school tours will be provided for our area youth. This educational service is for all of our area public and private schools, home schools, church youth groups, and scout troops who would enjoy learning more about the American Civil War.

The participants will get to see period demonstrations by infantry, artillery, cavalry, signal corps, medical, and civilian. They will also be permitted to visit a section of the period military, medical, and civilian camps. They are also welcome to visit the period Sutlers who provided many supplies for the armies.

The period demonstrations on Friday morning will include the following:
  • Military - Demonstrations will include the live firing of many weapons, including period rifles and cannons. All weapons will be firing blanks (no actual projectiles used) in a safe, controlled setting. Students will not be allowed to handle weapons. All students will be told when the weapons will be fired and all safety precautions will be taken.

  • Medical - Demonstrations will be age appropriate to educate the students on the period role of field medicine within the armies.

  • Civilian - Demonstrations will educate the students on the refugees and the hardships that faced the civilian population near the battlefields.
The Georgia Division Reenactors Association, Inc., a non-profit organization, is the oldest Civil War reenactors organization in Georgia and the event host for the annual Battle of Resaca Reenactment. We are proud to offer our school tours to our youth.


Please pre-register your group! Due to the large number of school children that we have participate in our tours, we need all groups to pre-register before arrival.
  • Admission Cost - The school tours are FREE!

  • Pre-Register - All groups must be pre-registered no later than May 1st. Please contact Mr. Keith West by e-mail at A pre-registration notification will be sent to you within five (5) days prior to the tour to give you an arrival time.

  • Parking - Although parking is available, we encourage all groups to come by school bus, van, or car-pool if possible. Follow the School Tour signs for parking.

  • Food - Food will not be provided as part of the tour, but the modern concession and dining area will be open for lunch at your own expense. Also, please bring at least one bottle of water per youth!

School Day Sponsorship

We encourage any business or organization that would like to help sponsor our School Day Tours to contact us. As a sponsor, you may put up a small banner, give out coupons, etc.
Please help us continue this educational service for our school children!

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