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Photo courtesy of C. Fredrickson Photography Welcome to the official website of the Georgia Division Reenactors Association! If you have an interest in our American History during the period of 1861-1865, we invite you to join our ranks. Experience being part of bringing our nation's most turbulent and tragic era to life. You will meet and enjoy interesting and diverse people from all walks of life as you become part of one of the most rewarding and fastest growing hobbies in America.

The Georgia Division Reenactors Association, Inc. (GDRA) was founded in 1978 and has become Georgia's premier professional Civil War reenacting organization. The GDRA is both non-profit and family-oriented. We honor the brave and resourceful people from our past by participating in living history demonstrations, battle reenactments and memorial services. Our membership is open to all who strive to accurately portray either military or civilian impressions of life during this period. We make every effort to continue to educate both ourselves and the public about the realities of the era. The GDRA supports and participates in raising funds for historic preservation of Civil War sites in Georgia and throughout our nation. The branches of service within the GDRA include the Infantry, Artillery, Cavalry, and the Civilian branches.

GDRA Infantry Since the Battle of Resaca reenactment's inception in 1983, the GDRA has organized and hosted this event on the third weekend of May. We regularly attend other events in Georgia and around the nation. Each of the GDRA branches reflects the highest standards of historical authenticity in dress, conduct, equipment, weapons, grooming and safety for its members. Based on these standards, our Division has earned the respect of various National and State parks and historic sites.

We organize and conduct living history demonstrations at many locations throughout Georgia and Tennessee, such as at the Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park, the Fort Pulaski National Monument, the Red Top Mountain State Park, the Allatoona Pass State Historic Site, the Fort McAllister State Park, the Pickett's Mill Battlefield State Historic Site, and at the Chickamauga and Chattanooga (Lookout Mountain) National Military Park.

GDRA Infantry at Lookout Mountain
The GDRA Infantry and Artillery on Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

The GDRA is under the command of the Commanding General. Other staff members include a Chief of Staff, Secretary and Treasurer. The Division is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of the Ordnance/Safety Officer, AIG, Judge Advocate, Immediate Past Commanding General, and two representatives from each branch.

Photo courtesy of C. Fredrickson Photography Presently and into the new millennium, the GDRA will continue to make changes to reinforce our commitment to the continued growth of the Division and of the hobby. We are becoming more pro-active in recruitment, in preservation efforts and in adaptation to the changing trends and directions of reenacting. Our Division wishes to foster a renewed sense of brotherhood and cooperation among reenactors from Georgia and the Western Theater of Operations, thereby establishing strength and unity.

Whether you are a new recruit or a seasoned veteran, a living historian, or a unit looking for a home, the GDRA has a home for you. We have branches for both military and civilian reenactors. Our military branches also galvanize to do Federal impressions as needed at certain events to help provide accurate portrayal of troop ratios.

GDRA Artillery at the Battle of Fort Sanders 2010
The GDRA Artillery at the Battle of Fort Sanders Reenactment near Knoxville, Tennessee.

So, if you want to hear the thunder of musket and cannon, smell the smoke of battle, relive camp life, experience civilian life, and honor the life of your ancestors, we welcome and await you!

Wanted: Field Musicians!

GDRA Field Music We are looking for fifers, drummers, and buglers to join our ranks as field musicians. The pay isn't much, but the rewards are great. All levels of experience are welcome. Click the following link for more information and to see The Top 10 Reasons to be a Field Musician!


Battle of Resaca Reenactment

Each year on the third weekend in May, the GDRA and the Battle of Resaca, Inc., host the annual Battle of Resaca reenactment. The event takes place on over 650 acres of the original battlefield and includes a battle on both Saturday and Sunday. Proceeds from the event go towards battlefield preservation. Click the following link to find out more.


Interested in joining the GDRA?

Georgia Division Reenactors Association For more information about becoming a part of the Georgia Division Reenactors Association, please contact one of the member units within our branches.


Select photographs on this website courtesy of C. Fredrickson Photography.
Photos used by permission.

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