General Event Regulations

All participants at this event must comply with the following General Regulations as well as to any regulations pertaining to their specific military branch or civilian impression. Failure to comply with these provisions may result in expulsion from the event. Please cooperate in these matters. Thank you.

 1. All participants (military, civilian, & sutlers) will check in at the registration tent for pre-registrations, to register, sign liability releases, obtain parking permits, event updates, directions, etc. Check the Event Schedule for dates and hours of Registration operation.

 2. Reenactors may arrive on site no earlier than noon Thursday prior to the event and are asked to check in with the event staff prior to setting up camp. You may remain on site until the following Monday afternoon.

 3. Only reenactor vehicles with parking permits will be allowed in authentic camps. Unloading will be limited to 30 minutes on Friday until midnight, and Saturday from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. only. No vehicles will block camp access roads for any reason. Violator's vehicles will be towed at their expense. No vehicles are allowed in any camp after this period.

 4. Participants will be required to display parking permits on their vehicles dash in a visible manner and to park in reenactors parking area only. Violators will be towed at the owner's expense.

 5. Participants must obey the requests of the Event Staff & Provost. All proper respect will be shown to the Civil Air Patrol in their efforts in both traffic & crowd control.

 6. Note: Confederate units may be requested to galvanize for one of the event's two battles. This will ensure that proper troop ratios can be obtained on the field. This will be avoided if at all possible but, as you realize, it does not honor anyone to have a large force being driven from the field by a handful of opposing soldiers. Please volunteer in advance (see registration form) to ensure that all participants enjoy a realistic battle. Requests shall be handled by the respective US or CS Commander.

 7. Military reenactors must be affiliated with a unit that is attached to a bona fide command on the field. Independent soldiers acting on their own will not be tolerated and will be escorted from the field. All officers are expected to bring troops to justify their rank.

 8. Officers Call for all US and CS Commanders, battalion commanders, and their staff will be held on Friday night at the Event Field H.Q. located in the CS camp. Please attend. Officers Call locations and times prior to each day's battle will be announced by the US and CS commanders.

 9. Unit Commanders, please cooperate if the Provost requests that you provide guards / sentries to stand watch for short periods of time at various locations within the authentic camp.

10. Each Unit Commander will be responsible for the conduct of his troops. They must be sure that their troops are aware of and abide by all safety regulations. Proper military courtesy and behavior is encouraged at all times, but it is required in the presence of the public. Refrain from using alcoholic beverages while the camps are open to the public. No one will be allowed on the field who is suspected of being intoxicated or under the influence of any substance.

11. Each Unit Commander will be responsible for the cleanliness of his unit's camp area. Trash is the responsibility of each person. Please do not leave garbage in camp. Dumpsters are conveniently located throughout the site. Before leaving the event, please make sure that all garbage is in the dumpsters. Remember this is historic ground. Let's all do our part to keep it clean.

12. Authentic military, civilian, and modern camping will be in pre-designated areas only. No camping of any type is allowed in the reenactor parking area or at Nance Springs. No period camping in the modern camping area.

13. Only 1860's period weapons are permitted on the event site unless they are properly secured in your vehicle. No projectiles, bullets, minnie balls, or loading blocks are permitted at this event.

14. No one under the age of 16 will carry or use a weapon of any type during the event. This includes couriers, aides, or orderlies. Persons between 12 & 16 years of age may take the field as fully functioning musicians. No one under 12 years of age is allowed on the field under any circumstances.

15. Weapons safety inspections at the company level of all branches will be held prior to troop formation of each day's battle. This includes Officers and NCOs, as well as ALL combatants. Event Safety Officers will confirm these inspections before any combatants are allowed to take the field.

16. No participant will allow any spectator to handle or fire a loaded weapon, ride any horse, or play upon an artillery piece.

17. The firing of weapons in camp (authentic or campaign) between dusk to dawn will be strictly prohibited. Firing of weapons in any camp during daylight hours will be done ONLY in an effort to clear the piece and shall be conducted at a safe location proceeded by the call "Fire in the hole."

18. Special scenarios or skirmishing involving the use or discharge of any weapon in any area within the event site which is non-scheduled or that has not been pre-approved are prohibited. This does not prohibit individual unit or battalion drills that are not directed at another opposing force.

19. Overly aggressive fighting on the field is forbidden. The capturing of colors or hand-to-hand combat scenarios must be pre-approved by the Event Staff and all parties involved.

20. All authentic camps will keep all modern anachronisms out of view by either concealment or disguise. No types of radios, Coleman lanterns, modern camp furniture, flashlights, etc., will be allowed after Friday night midnight.

21. Campfires will be attended at all times. Each Unit Commander will assign one person the duty of monitoring fires still burning at the time of deployment to the field. Please extinguish campfires completely prior to leaving the event.

22. All period impressions including uniforms, accouterments, tents, equipment, etc. will be appropriate for the Western Theater of Operations of the mid to late war period. No modern anachronisms such as eyeglasses, jewelry, sunglasses, smoking contemporary cigarettes, etc. will be exposed to public view.

23. No type of ancestral dress will be allowed either in camp or on the field by a participant. This includes Scottish dress, mountain man, furs, animal tails, or any item worn which would be inappropriate for this period of history.

24. All civilian impressions shall follow the proper dress of the 1861-1865 Victorian period.

25. Women in military impressions will be allowed in the ranks only upon the approval of their Unit Commander. They shall make all efforts to disguise their gender and successfully maintain the appearance of a male soldier at all times during the event. If they are discovered to be female, they will be discharged from service as was the practice of the period. This will be enforced by each Battalion Commander in each branch of service, the Provost, or the Event Staff.

26. Unit Commanders have the responsibility of knowing the existing medical conditions of the men of their command and to feel confident that their men are fit to take the field. Unit Commanders have the responsibility to order anyone ill or unfit to not take the field.

27. In the event of an actual medical emergency of someone needing immediate medical attention in camp or on the field , the word "MEDIC" will be shouted. When this is heard, all activity should cease. On the field, all Commanders should immediately notify their Signal Corps and pull their troops back in a defensive position until medical personnel can care for that person and the field is cleared.

28. If you are on the field and suddenly do not feel well, STOP, tell your pards to notify an NCO or Officer that you are taking a hit, and go down. Drink water and remove yourself to the field surgeon or E.M.S station. Be smart, don't push yourself.

29. All participants who bring children under the age of 12 years of age must maintain proper supervision and control over them at all times. All children camping in authentic camps who are not active combatants or musicians shall be dressed in complete proper period civilian attire while the camps are open to the public.

30. All religious services observed at the event must be coordinated with the Georgia Division Chaplain and they shall be conducted appropriate to the period. All services will be held in a manner as to not disturb other ongoing services. The Georgia Division Chaplain can be reached at the registration tent late Saturday evening.

31. Campaign camps will be allowed in the areas adjacent to Sunday's battle site. These camps are for the true campaigner only. No amenities (water buffalos, port-a-johns, firewood, straw, horse hay) will be furnished. Any provisions must be drawn from US or CS camps prior to 9:00 a.m. on Saturday morning.

32. Campaigners must report to their respective commands at Safety Inspections and daily Officers Call.

33. The entire event site is on part of the 1864 Resaca Battlefield and is historic ground. By the request of the property owners and in accordance with the Georgia Relic Law, NO RELIC HUNTING IS PERMITTED. Anyone caught will face expulsion from the event and will be turned over to the Department of Natural Resources Law Enforcement.

34. Civilians will not be allowed to bring horses unless they have been pre-approved by the Resaca Event Staff to portray or act in a special role during the battles' military operations. The Civilian Camp has no amenities (water, picket lines, etc.) set up for horses.

Please comply with the General Regulations in order for us all to have an enjoyable weekend of reliving this great battle of 1864. By each of us obeying these regulations, we can ensure that the property owners of this historic site will invite us back again.

Please review this with your branch regulations. Thank you.

The Georgia Division Reenactors Association & the Staff of the Battle of Resaca, Inc., thank you for attending the event!

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