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What will I see and do during a Civil War reenactment at Resaca?

The Battle of Resaca Reenactment is the oldest, continuous, annual Civil War reenactment in Georgia and one of the oldest events of this type in America.

You will notice that the troops are dressed in 1860's period correct uniforms and carrying or firing real weapons. Reenactors spend thousands of dollars on period reproduction uniforms, weapons, and tentage to portray both Confederate and Federal forces. You will meet reenactors from all over the country at this event, many who have taken part in films and documentaries about the American Civil War.

Various camps containing both Confederate and Federal infantry, artillery, cavalry, military musicians, medical, and period civilian refugees are open to the public to tour.

All weapons are actual firing reproduction black powder weapons, ranging from muskets (rifles), revolvers, to cannon. However, no type of projectiles will be fired from the weapons during the reenactment. The weapons of the Civil War were years ahead of the out-dated tactics, which resulted in very close firing between the combatants causing a very high rate of casualties.

Only period orders and tactics are used during the event. The infantry, artillery, cavalry, signals, and medical reenactors work very hard to research their roles in order to safely carry out these tasks correctly.

During both days of the event a major battle reenactment will be conducted. Each day the battles will have different scenarios using period tactics of the 1864 campaign based around the Battle of Resaca.

From the spectator line during the battles both days, the public can sit down, stand, or walk up and down the line watching and taking pictures as you please. You will hear, see, smell, and feel the thunder of the cannon, muskets, troops, and horses.

Before and after the battles, you are welcome to visit the camps where you will see only period tents and items commonly used during the Civil War. Many reenactors will be around the camp fires awaiting orders while singing and playing period music, writing letters home, playing cards, etc. Most will be happy to talk or to pose with you for an image to be struck (period photograph).

Great food with covered dining areas are on site, along with period shopping and period photographs to be enjoyed by both adults and children alike.

The reenactment site is located on part of the original 1864 battlefield with many historic markers to view. Visit both the newly opened Resaca Battlefield Historic Site, Fort Wayne Civil War Historic Site, and the historic Resaca Confederate Cemetery located just minutes from the reenactment location.

Make a whole day out of enjoying history with great food on site, on-going living histories, period demonstrations, period camps, watching troops drill, shopping at the 1860's Sutler Row (period stores), and much more.


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